Types of Slot Machines

Types of Slot Machines

Why are there several types of slot machines?

We all know that men have always loved gambling in all forms: betting, casino games, online scratch games, lotteries. Obviously not all players have the same profile and will enjoy different things in the game in general. Casino operators and online game publishers have understood this well and in order to adapt to demand and satisfy as many players as possible, they are developing a multitude of variants and types of machines. As a result, they are sure to reach a large part of the population.

The other explanation is obviously the evolution of technology. As these evolve, developers keep using them to offer ever more efficient slot machines to their users.

Traditional slot machines

These machines are the oldest slot machines that you will be able to find in an online casino. They usually only have three reels, five when they are a little newer but only one payline. Video animations are absent and the design is sketchy, the machine is quite similar to what can be done at the beginning of the last century. What is quite fun is that they often use the symbols of these early machines, such as fruits for example.

It will be a very interesting machine for beginners who want to try their hand at slots. Then you will naturally move on.

Multi-line slot machines

These are the second generation machines so to speak. You will find a lot of evolution here. Even if it’s not animated, you have a theme that’s developed. This means that you will have a design related to the theme, but also symbols related to the theme, which still makes the machine more attractive. The big change is that you will get 5 reels each time. 

This increases the possibilities of combinations. To compensate for this, you will be able to bet on several lines, from 25 to 100 lines depending on the machines and the casinos. It’s a little more fun mode that allows you to win more often if you bet on more lines but also makes you spend more per spin, again depending on the number of lines you bet on.

Video slots

These are the latest generations of slot machines. They are always multi-line, always developing a theme, but this time it is much more polished, often with a featured character, always very endearing, who takes you on adventures dotted with bonus games and special symbols. 

There is no shortage of sound and video animations, and the latter can be in 3D, which gives a magnificent rendering. Once you have adopted these machines, it is very likely that you will only play with them.

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