Kawaii Kitty slot

Slot Machine Review: Kawaii Kitty

Take care of your kitty to win big prizes.


Rest assured, we, and it’s, gaming provider Betsoft has thought of all tastes and preferences, and it wasn’t all going to be warrior games, racing and testosterone galore. With the new Kawaii Kitty™ slot machine, you’ll enjoy the cuteness of a kitty that’s as real as home. To ensure the generosity of this cat, we have reviewed this new Kawaii Kitty ™ Betsoft slot machine. We present you in detail the conclusions we have drawn during our game analysis.


  • 96% payout redistribution rate.
  • Very nice graphics.
  • Original and pleasant theme.
  • Can be classified as a game for girls.


  • Not progressive.
  • No bonus game.
  • Technical features.

From the first scene, we see the cat playing with a ball of wool. From this moment on, it is impossible not to adore this kitty. It may seem directly a very childish and childish theme, but we think that it is more created for the feminine gender. In a room with pastel colours, pink and blue dominant, we find our little touching ball of fur, off-white, who sits on a seat that is specially reserved for him. Adorned with a golden bow, those little eyes make us the charm and makes us want to click, without further delay, on the button “Spin” to find out what exercises in this scoundrel.

And when we begin the visits, we are far from being disappointed. The graphics are simple, but done to perfection. As for the symbols you will find that they are as charming as this little cat. You will find tuna, cakes, milk and fish for food. But you will also enjoy nodes, a nice brush for the toilet. And finally, have fun with it, you will have in your possession a toy mouse and balls of wool.

Details of the set

  • Reels – 5.
  • Paylines – 10.
  • Progressive – NO.
  • Max jackpot – 500.
  • Max cash jackpot – 500.
  • Max playable chips – 100.
  • Wild Symbol – YES.
  • Multiplier – NO.
  • Scatter symbol – NO.
  • Free Spins – NO.
  • Betting Range – 0.20-100.
  • Bets in chips – 0.00-1.
  • Chips per line – 10.
  • Bonus Game – NO.
  • Betsoft Software.
  • Type: 3D Slots.
  • Desktop compatible – Yes.
  • Mobile Compatible – Yes.
  • Tablet Compatible – Yes.

Bonuses and Payout

With 10 paylines, the slot machine offers a very interesting entertainment. The value of the chips you start with is quite affordable as it is from $0.02 to $1. Depending on your actions, Tomcat will cheer you up and promise you emotionally charged moments. This slot machine is made for tender hearts that will be determined to melt before this little cat, and even the hardest of hearts, you can feel them melt before those love-filled eyes.

In terms of bonuses, Kawaii Kitty™ offers you great entertainment. With a fixed jackpot at $50,000, expandable wilds, new spins, but the doubling feature, one is sure to have a good time with this little Betsoft latest. Regrets the lack of bonus game and free spins that would have put some spice into this cat’s life. Despite this, Betsoft offers us again a beautiful product with all luxury of detail.

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