physical gaming machines

Myths about physical gaming machines

We will analyze the most frequent myths that appear on the Internet about physical slots and also the facts that disprove them:

Common myths from the Internet

  • The hot coins coming out of the machine indicate that they had been in the slot for a long time and this means that a big prize will be awarded soon. False. In reality, the machine is heated by the operation of electronic and mechanical mechanisms. Therefore, the temperature of the slot machine only indicates the period of operation, which in turn has no influence on the generator of random numbers that forms the basis of the machine.
  • If you play the slot machine that has just been abandoned by a player after a long period of playing without winning, you will win a high prize. And if the same slot machine has awarded prizes several times in a row, it is not recommended to play it. False. The basis of each machine is the generator of random numbers that does not take into account previous games. Therefore, all previous prizes and losses will not influence the following results.
  • Casino employees have the information about the machines that are about to award a high prize. False. In licensed physical casinos this is not possible because the random number generators are integrated into the machines.

Myths about online slots

Many myths and legends about slot machines can be found online. Below is a list of the most popular myths and evidence against them:

It is more likely to win the prize during certain hours of the day. This is not true. Online casino doesn’t have the ability to reprogram the percentages of return so quickly and easily. Therefore neither the time nor the day has no influence on the game results.

It is better to play at physical casinos because online slot machines cheat. Another common mistake. It is possible to win playing online slots and this is confirmed by the statistics data. At the same time, the speed of online slots game is much higher and it increases the possibility of winning a prize from a distance.

Playing with the membership card reduces the possibility of getting the reward. Actually, the card cannot influence any particular machine. It offers the possibility to take advantage of the benefits of the online casino.

Slots offered on the main page of the online casino do not give out any rewards. It is not recommended to bet on them. The main pages usually offer the models that give out the most frequent prizes.

Physical and online slot machines can offer good prizes and ensure a fun pastime. In case of believing popular myths about machines the user may be disappointed in the game.

It is necessary to remember the truth: neither the player nor the casino employees will be able to influence the game results. Each machine works on the basis of the random number generator and only it can determine the time of delivering a reward and the amount of the prize. Therefore, it is not recommended to trust insecure information, it is better to analyze it and make your own conclusions

Remember! Although there are a variety of slot machine tricks, none of them guarantee a 100% prize. Play for fun and enjoy responsible gaming to the fullest.

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