How we choose bookmakers: check the criteria

We have defined and studied 48 indicators to select the best bookmakers. The analysis of these 48 indicators allows us to evaluate the quality of a bookmaker on 6 criteria of great importance for a punter. Each criterion is marked from 1 to 10.

Financial strength and reputation

Financial soundness reflects the ability of a bookmaker to honour its commitments to its users.

Its analysis includes the study of the bookmaker’s profitability and solvency. This involves in particular the analysis of the “business model” and studies of financial relations within the company.

We pay particular attention to the licenses that each bookmaker holds and their reputation within the gambling community.

The quality of transactions

When it comes to Internet transactions, you look for speed and security at low prices. To meet these requirements, we analyse the speed, cost of transactions and the encryption technologies used by bookmakers.

The quality of the website

The gambler needs a fast, easy to use sports betting site that allows him to bet with complete peace of mind. We have inspected all the bookmakers’ websites to assess their quality.

The level of fees

For each bookmaker, we have studied and compared the level of quotas proposed during the last twelve months for the most popular sports.

The diversity of the bets proposed on the site

In order to fully benefit from your betting account, you must be able to bet on sports or events you know best.

We have analysed the diversity of the bets offered by each bookmaker in terms of sports and type of betting. We have taken into account the live betting and betting offers on sports events.

Overall rating

Our overall score represents our assessment of the quality of each bookmaker. It is the result of the study of our 48 quality indicators. We pay particular attention to the financial soundness and quality of the odds offered by the different bookmakers. These two criteria are therefore assessed extensively when calculating our overall score.

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